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Whether you drive a newer model Mercedes or one from 1980, taking the time to make sure it is as efficient as possible is essential for drivability and the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles. It is vital to reduce these numbers to ensure a healthy future for us all. As well, reducing your vehicle’s emissions makes it more economical for both the environment and your wallet.


Making sure your car is tuned correctly will make it more efficient, reduce emissions and save you money overall. These inspections make sure every part of your vehicle is in excellent condition, and that all of its parts work in sync with one another. Having the oil changed routinely also adds to a smooth running engine. Do this every 8,000 km to keep your Mercedez in pristine condition. 

Check Tires

Tire pressure checks should be performed every month, and especially when the weather changes. Tires that are not filled enough to add rolling resistance, making the car’s weightless bearable and forcing the engine to work that much harder. Optimal tire pressure is essential for safe driving and excellent gas mileage. The right tire pressure can improve your fuel economy by as much as 3.3%. Also, properly inflated tires are more reliable on the road and reduced wear, which means they will last longer. Check your vehicle’s car door sidewall or manual for information about tire pressure.

Fuel System

Your vehicle’s fuel system makes sure fuel is distributed most optimally, resulting in the best performance and the lowest emissions. Have this checked periodically, or sooner if you smell gas. Change the fuel filter every two years and have the fuel injectors flushed every 50,000 km. By doing regular fuel system checks, you will have a greener Mercedes that also saves money at the pump.

A/C System Maintenance

Have your A/C system checked every year to test operation, pressures and refrigerant charges to help maintain ideal temperatures. When you can, roll the windows down to keep your car cool instead to save on energy.

Cooling System

The cooling system ensures your engine operates at the right temperature. A thermostat that allows the engine to run too cold reduces the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by as much as 118 L per 100 km. If the engine runs too hot, it can blow the radiator or the head gasket, which is a costly and time-consuming fix.

Drive Smart

The way you drive has a lot to do with how well your car operates, especially when you consider the fuel economy. Avoid sudden braking, acceleration and other forms of aggressive driving. When approaching a red light, slow down well in advance to avoid starting from a dead stop. Avoid excessive idling and drive more efficiently by having a clear idea of directions and consolidating errands. Use your vehicle’s cruise control features when you can, to ensure a steady pace with less slowing down and speeding up.

To make sure your Mercedes is running at its peak, for both the environment and your wallet, contact Right Tech Auto. Our experienced technicians will make sure you have a smooth and safe drive. Call us today to book an appointment.