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When it comes to maintaining your luxury car, knowing some tell-a-tale signs of engine trouble can go a far way for you, by saving huge repair costs and roadside troubles. Generally, illuminated dash signs, smells, jerking, and unusual noises are some of the most obvious signs of engine trouble. Getting your car to the nearest Mercedes-Benz repair shop promptly when you notice any of these signs is essential to keep yourself safe and avoid costly problems later. 

Engine Warning Light

When your Merc is suffering an engine breakdown, the first indication will be an illuminated or flickering engine light. If you notice your engine light is on, bring your car to the nearest local Mercedes-Benz repair shop pronto. Usually, the engine light is an indication of an issue with the ignition, fuel injection or emission. Your local Mercedes-Benz mechanic will hook up your vehicle to a diagnostic scan tool, which can point out the exact problem with your car. 

Jerking & Shaking

One of the most evident signs that you need to take your Mercedes-Benz to a local repair shop is jerking and shaking upon start-up. Usually, such a response is triggered due to an engine malfunction. At times, even simple changes in spark plugs or a hose can be responsible for the shaking or jerking. However, it is wise to get your local authorized Mercedes-Benz technician to diagnose and repair the problem rather than ignoring it. 

Unusual Noise

In general, a slight noise from under the hood is normal in most vehicles. But if you hear unusual volumes and intensity of thumping, grinding, hissing, knocking and high-pitched squealing noises, it is an indication of an engine issue, and you can conclude that your vehicle needs prompt attention. A Mercedes-Benz repair specialist will be able to identify a range of issues, right from a seized engine to piston damage, to transmission issues and exhaust system problems and deduce what exactly is causing the noise.

Foul Odors

It is usual to have some smell of gas and diesel on the outside of your car. But any kind of odours that seem like they are from the burning of metal or an odour like rotten eggs can mean that your engine is in trouble. Usually, these distinctive odours are an indication that you may have an overheated engine, some kind of transmission issues, possible catalytic converter issues or your car may be leaking coolant. Only a Mercedes-Benz service centre can determine the cause of the smell, so it is better to have it checked out.

Excessive Smoke

A small amount of smoke is quite common, but extreme smoke from your vehicle’s engine or tailpipe is a call for action! It could probably be a case of a simple clogged air filter or a complex issue of a blown head gasket, either way, excessive smoke needs to be examined as soon as possible by a trustworthy and experienced Mercedes-Benz service shop technician.

Oil Puddle

If you parked your Mercedes-Benz and noticed that there is an engine oil puddle underneath your car at more than one instance, it could be problematic. Sooner or later such oil leakages can turn into large leaks that can cost you a lot of money and repair work. Make sure to bring your Mercedes-Benz to an experienced import auto service centre even when you see the smallest leak so that the problem can be taken care of at the outset. 

Getting your luxury car regularly examined and serviced by an authorized, trustworthy and reliable service centre like Right Tech Auto is a small price for ensuring the safe use of your Mercedes-Benz. Talk to Right Tech Auto service centre today to get all your questions answered.